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What is your view on watching television programs in which women appear without hijab or they wear make-up? Answer: It is permissible to watch such programs without lust.   His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayyid al-Hakeem meets with EU delegation   

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I opened a savings account in the bank in my name. This is a family savings account where everyone in my family will contribute to it and put money in until it accumulates. Seeing as it is not only my money but belongs to the family, who is it that will have to pay the khums for this?
It is obligatory to pay the khums from your own money, not from the money of other people. If the money is mixed with the money of others, it does not effect this obligation, so it is better for each person to keep account of his share.
Does His Eminence give his followers in Russia the general right to use Sahm-ul-Imam on their own accord?
There is no general permission to the devotees, whether they are in Russia or not, to spend the share of the Imam (peace be upon him) without the consent of the office of his Eminence or his agents.
In non-Muslim countries, schools require children to attend art class in which it is necessary to draw living things. What is the duty of parents in such cases?
It is not permissible to draw the picture of humans and animals. The parents should advise their children to refrain from committing sins. They should suggest for their children to draw pictures of trees, livers and other natural views.