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What is the opinion of his eminence with respect to the Friday prayer in North America and South America? Answer: If one decides to offer the Friday prayer in these two continents, as an obligatory precaution he should also offer the Dhuhr prayer.   The Visit of the Ambassador of Japan and a number of intellectuals and researchers   

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I cannot understand the fundamental difference when purchasing something between paying in installments and paying on credit with interest. When I purchase any items in installments, I pay a higher amount than the normal price, and this is termed as interest. When I pay on credit, I pay later with interest. So what is the difference?
The difference is that paying in installments is a purchase made for a specific agreed-upon price, albeit higher, over a set period; whereas buying on credit is a purchase of something for a fixed price, made through an interest-based loan, and as long as the loan is not fully repaid the interest will apply over and above the agreed-upon price. Therefore, paying in installments does not involve Riba as defined by the Sharia and is permissible, and paying on credit does involve Riba and is prohib
Today in non-Muslim countries, there are a lot of artificial fish cultivation places where the fish are pulled out alive (not dead). Even in the assembly line at a factory, the fish often alive where it is treated. I also worked on the ship in a non-Muslim country and saw that the sea fish are caught alive. Is this information sufficient to safely buy fish sold by non-Muslims, or is it necessary to know that the particular fish that I am buying was taken out of the water alive?
If the general trend in fishing is that the fish are removed out of the water alive and the business is based on not marketing fish found dead in the water, and the possibility of selling fish which has died in the water is because of error, one should not pay attention to such possibilities and the fish may be bought and eaten.
Can a person work in a kindergarten school where the children of Muslims and non-Muslims are given pork and prohibited meat?
It is permissible to work in the kindergarten if he is not serving the prohibited meat or preparing the meals that include it.