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You must not sever your ties with the lands of Islam and their holy places. Rather, you must try to stay connected to them, to their ideologies and honorable concepts, in various possible ways of connection. And you should look forward to getting to know what goes on in them, their news, feeling tied to them.
It is commendable if you can visit them during regular periods or whenever chance permits, provided you utilize such visits to renew your pledge to the past, to keep it in your memory, to focus on and emphasize the cultural and educational aspect. Whoever is able to do so should seize the opportunity and stick to these lands due to the importance of such visits in staying connected with your origins and emphasizing your ties to them. If the cost of such visits is found by some individuals to be exhaustive, or if they find it impossible to undertake, it will be great if individual donations from each group are set aside to pay for alternate visits by their members during successive periods. The visitor must pay attention to carrying the useful concepts and ideologies from the lands of Islam and propagate them on his return among the faithful who live in foreign lands as Allah Almighty has said: "Nor should all the believers go forth together: If a contingent from every expedition goes forth, they could devote themselves to studies in religion and admonish the people when they return to them (so) that thus they (may learn how) to guard themselves (against evil)” (Qur'an, 9:122).
All this is for the sake of the importance of such connection and visits and your need for them as you live in foreign lands. It protects you from getting lost in these societies, God forbid.

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