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Q1: Should one who is infected with AIDS [Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome] isolate himself from his family and relatives? If he is a child, should his family isolate him?
A: No, isolation is not obligatory except according to what is required to prevent others from being infected.
Q2: Is it permissible for one who knows that he is infected with AIDS to marry someone who is healthy?
A: Marriage is permissible, but sexual activity or any interaction is prohibited if it results in an infection.
Q3: Is it permissible for an AIDS patient to marry another person who also is infected with AIDS?
A: Marriage is permissible and so is sexual intercourse unless it increases the harm brought by the disease quite seriously.
Q4: If one person in a married couple is not infected with AIDS, does he have the right to avoid sexual intercourse?
A: Yes, he does, but it is best that the psychological condition of the patient is taken into consideration and his feelings must not be hurt as much as possible.
Q5: Is it permissible for the healthy spouse to ask for divorce from the other spouse who is infected with this disease?
A: A husband has the right to divorce his wife, whether she is infected or not, and the wife has the right to refuse sexual activities which result in infection while she is entitled to all her other rights.
Q6: Does a wife have the right to divorce her husband if he is sick with AIDS?
A: She does not have this right. However, she has the right to refuse such sexual contact which leads to being infected with it.
Q7: If the AIDS-infected woman is pregnant, is she permitted to abort her baby out of her fear that it may be infected by it too?
A: No, she is not allowed to do so.
Q8: Is an AIDS-infected woman permitted to breastfeed her healthy baby and continue to care for him?
A: A woman is prohibited from doing anything which results in transmitting the disease to her healthy baby; if it does not cause this, it is permissible.
Q9: Is it obligatory upon the doctor to inform the patient's relatives about him being infected with AIDS, so they may take precautions against being infected?
A: If there is no harm expected from doing so, the relatives of such a patient must be informed if this prevents their becoming infected with the disease.
Q10: Should an AIDS patient hide his ailment and continue to have sexual intercourse with his healthy wife?
A: He is prohibited from having sexual intercourse with her if it results in her infection with the disease.

  Medical Issues

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