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Emulation (Taqlid)

Ruling 1: The adulthood (bulugh) of a boy has three signs:
(1)   The completion of fifteen years according to the Islamic calendar, which equals approximately fourteen years and six-and-a-half months of the Christian calendar.
(2)   The ejaculation of semen due to having “a wet dream” or any other cause.
(3)   The appearance of coarse hair on the face or the pubic area.
To establish adulthood, it is sufficient that one of these three signs appears. If a boy does not know whether he has reached adulthood or not then he should present the matter to one of the elders from his family, such as his father or his older brother, so that they may clarify it for him.
Ruling 2:The sign of puberty for a girl is only one and that is the completion of nine years according to the Islamic calendar, which equals approximately eight years, eight months and twenty days according to the Christian calendar.
Ruling 3: If a boy or a girl reaches religious adulthood (becomes baligh), then the time of childhood comes to an end, and it becomes compulsory on him or her to abide by the laws of the Sharia, by carrying out the obligations and refraining from the forbidden things. He will be considered as an adult, so Allah will hold him to account for his actions, will show him gratitude for his obedience, and will write for him a great deal of reward on the Day of Judgement. It is assumed that he will also carry out some of the recommended acts to increase his reward, such as helping the poor, visiting the mosques and the graves of the Prophet and the Imams (peace be upon them all), supplication, reading the Quran, and the supererogatory prayers (nawafil). If he does not know about them then he should ask others so that the rewards of these acts do not pass him by. And before all that he should rely upon Allah Almighty and seek His help in his affairs, as He is the best of masters and the best of helpers.


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