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The Introduction of his Eminence to the Prayers Section from his Book of Practical Laws.
In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.
Praise be to the Lord, Master of the universe, and peace and blessings be upon the most noble prophet and seal of Messengers Mohammad and his holy divine progeny; and the curse of Allah be upon all of their enemies till the Day of Judgment.
The prayer is one of the pillars of Islam; it is the second most important pillar after the pillar of faith. It is described as the foundation of Islam and the pillar of the religion. It is the last testament of our Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) and that of all other Prophets. It is the first thing that all individuals will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment. All of the above are mentioned and explained in the narrations of the Prophet’s and the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them). In some of them it is stated: whoever that does not pray deliberately, has no ties to the Islamic religion; that to neglect offering the prayers is the boundary between disbelief and faith; that the prayers is the linkbetween the slave and his master and it is what reminds the slave of his master.
Considerable attention should be paid to the prayers. Prayer must be performed with full orientation and focus. The careful performance and completion of its various parts like bowing, prostrations and all other parts ensures its acceptance by almighty Allah. If prayer is accepted, other acts will be accepted, and if it is rejected, other acts will be similarly rejected.
Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: “Our intercession will not be awarded to those who neglect the prayers”.
It is rather difficult to fully cover all what has been reported on the superiority of the prayers and on the great rewards for performing it. It is enough to mention what has been narrated by Imam Mohammad al-Baqir (peace be upon him) that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) said: “If there was a river at the doorstep of your house, and you bathed in this river each day five times, would any dirt remain on your body?” His companion said: “No.”, He, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) said: “prayer is like a running river; whenever one performs a prayer, the sins he committed between this prayer and the previous prayer are forgiven.” And what is reported that Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: “Performing the obligatory prayer is rewarded more than going to pilgrimage (Hajj) twenty times. Going once to pilgrimage is rewarded more than a houseful worth of gold to be fully spent in charity”.
It is regrettable that we see many followers of this religion neglect performing the prayers and to this we say “we are Allah’s and unto him we will return”.
We hope that what we have mentioned above becomes a deterrent to those who have neglected their prayers from doing so, and as a catalyst to have greater interest in this obligation as “warning benefits believers” (51:55).
Unto Him we seek the help and guidance and He is Sufficient for us, Most Excellent is He, in Whom we trust.

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