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Books Jurisprudence of Human CloningRelationships between the clone and original cell and egg donors

  Human Cloning

Religious Status of the Clone

Q) If the cloned individual was considered a human then what kind of relationship he has with the cell donor, male or female?
A) If this person’s creation was by reproductive cloning then he is definitely fatherless; because the father figure is determined societally, which is the person that his sperm fertilises the egg as God indicated:-
‘Then He made his (man’s) offspring from the concentrate of a low fluid’
Nonetheless the sperm is replaced by an adult cell in this process. This becomes particularly obvious when the cell is taken from a female body as it is not rational for her to be the father of the cloned human being. It has also been narrated in a lot of texts that God created Eve from Adam’s rib (let’s overlook the authenticity of these narrations and concentrate on their meanings) but no one claimed that this idea means that Eve is a daughter of Adam at all. This indicates that the principle of the fatherhood of one person to the other is not the creation of that person of a part of his body rather his sperm only as we mentioned earlier.
The relationship to the mother is subjected to the use of her egg in the production of the individual, however he is not produced from her complete egg as its nucleus gets removed; so it is problematic to consider the egg-donor as the mother of the clone too. However, it is not easy to decline such a relationship either.
There is no room for the clone to be considered as a brother to the sperm or egg donors as the indication for brotherhood is the sharing of a parent and not being the carriers of similar inherited genes as it is not societally accepted. Based on religious evidence, we consider the societal culture as the only reference for human relationships as it has been used by the Islamic law in its legal guidelines. Moreover, let us assume that advanced science discovered a method by which it was possible with some alterations to change an animal or plant cell to a normal human being, then are we able to declare a relationship has been established between them without taking any usual cultural principles into account?! There is no doubt about the falsehood of this statement. We are even obliged to overlook and ignore the above mentioned similarity and to judge them as two foreign notions. Similarly, the clone should be considered as unrelated to the cell-donor without any bounds between them.

  Human Cloning

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