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  Religious Status of the Clone

Religious obligations towards the donors

Q) What is the ruling about the clone’s ancestry?

a) Who is his guardian?
b) Is he considered a Hashemite (descendant of the Prophet Mohammad) if the cell-donor was a Hashemite even if he was not his father or brother religiously?
A) Any relationship to a tribe is based on the parental link, so the absence of a father-son relationship in this situation suggests a lack of connection to the cell-donor’s tribe even in the case when he was a Hashemite as mentioned previously.
His guardian is his care-taker or the Imam (religious authority).

It should be noted here that there is a doubt about clone's relationship to the egg-donor; so it follows that this doubt extends to all her relatives. As a result, there is no evidence for accepting or rejecting such relationships. Therefore, precaution should be sought in all legalities surrounding this particular point.

  Religious Status of the Clone

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