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The Prayers:

The introduction of His Eminence mentioned above has explained the importance of prayers, so you should know how to pray and the conditions of the prayers.

The Obligatory Prayers:
1. The daily prayers: it is obligatory on everyone to pray five times a day. They are the morning, noon, afternoon, sunset and night prayers. We will explain them in details later.
2. The Friday prayer: if the conditions of the Friday prayers are met like the Adalah of the imam of the prayer and sufficient distance between two places where it is performed, and other conditions then it is obligatory on the noon of Friday to either offer the Friday prayer or to offer the noon prayer. You can refer to the detailed books of jurisprudence for the details.
3. The prayer of the signs or natural phenomena: it is obligatory to offer it at the time of a solar or lunar eclipse and earthquakes and at every natural phenomena that cause fear to humans – by nature – like strong thunderbolts, black sand storms, etc. You can refer to the detailed books of jurisprudence for the details.
The Preliminaries and Conditions of the Prayer:
First: To be with Taharah (ritual incorporeal purity of the body). This Taharah may be lost by certain events, such as urination, excretion, being in the state of Janabah , etc. and one will need to restore his/her Taharah before prayers.
The body regains its lost Taharah by one of the following:
Wudhu. Ghusl and Tayammum.

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