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  Tayammum (Ablution by Earth)

The Adhan and the Iqamah

The Rest of the Conditions:

We have mentioned the first condition of the prayer which was the Taharah of the body. The rest of them are as follows:
Second: The time:
The daily prayers are offered within designated times. The morning prayer is from dawn till the sunrise. The noon and afternoon prayers are from the mid-day to sunset time. The sunset and the night prayers are from sunset to the middle of the night.
Third: The Direction:
The prayer is offered facing the Qiblah which is the direction of the Holy Ka’bah in the city of Mecca.
Forth: The Place where prayer is offered:
The place where the prayer is offered should not be usurped. Also the spot of prostration especially should be Tahir, i.e. not Najis, and must be from earth or what naturally grows from it provided that it is not consumable by people or worn by them. It is better to prostration on earth and the best choice of that is the earth of Imam Hussein’s grave (peace be upon him). Imam Jaafar al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) used to have a piece of earth from his grave for his prayers.
Fifth: The body:
The body should be free from Najasah during the prayer.
Sixth: The clothes:
It is obligatory for men to cover his private parts all the time and when offering prayer. The women have to cover the entire body excluding the face, the hands to the wrists and the feet to the ankles during prayer.
It is not permissible for men to wear gold or pure silk. Doing so during the prayer makes it invalid.
The clothes worn during the prayer should meet the following conditions:
a.             They should be Tahir i.e. not Najis.
b.            They should not be usurped.
c.            One should not carry during the prayer or wear anything that is part of an animal that is impermissible to consume if the animal has flesh like of a cat or of a whale also from the parts of an animal that is not slaughtered in accordance to religious laws even if the corpse is Tahir if it has a leather that is commonly used like the snake.

  Tayammum (Ablution by Earth)

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