Author : Sheikh Fahd Ibrahim Al-Madani Translator : Sheikh Ali Abbas
Based on the Edicts of His Eminence
Author : His Eminance
General advice of his Eminence for expatriates and specific rulings in a question answer format about various issues that affect their daily lives.
Author : Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Alhakeem Translator : Mohammad Basim Al-Ansari
Translator : Shaikh Naseer Alsadawy
Based on the verdicts of His Eminence
Author : Sayyid Abdul Hadi Mohammad Taqi al-Hakim Translator : Shaikh Naseer Alsadawy
Religious laws in a style of dialogues to disentangle the complexity of the juridical verdicts.
Author : Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Alhakeem Translator : Shaikh Naseer Alsadawy
Questions presented in the fields of computer and internet to his eminance and his answers to them.

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